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Sabtu, 07 April 2012

My Recomended Books

Hi, Readers! I'll tell you about book. Maybe, do you like book? I do. And here I want to tell you somebooks. But, this is not comic or teenlit. This is children or teenagers books. I sure, when you read it, you will love it. So, check it out!

The series of Kecil - Kecil Punya Karya. Maybe I can say this is the books series most sucess. The readers of this book is usually is children. But, many of teenagers and the old read it too. Kecil-Kecil Punya Karya or KKPK was born from DAR! Mizan publisher. The first book was Kado Untuk Umi by Sri Izzati. Sri Izzati wrote it when she was eight.

And now .... on 2012, KKPK is so popular! You can find many of KKPK's book on big bookstore like Gramedia, Togamas, Toko Gunung Agung, etc. This is somecover from KKPK.

Next is Penulis Cilik Punya Karya. It same with KKPK. But, PCPK from Lingkar Pena until 2011. And on 2012 PCPK is on Noura Books. The readers usually children. The first book is (maybe) from Putri Salsa. But I'm not sure. So, sorry if I wrong. And guess what ... I am an author on this series! Yeay! This is my cover book. Don't forget to buy it at bookstore. You can see the synopsis at my old post.

Next is Pink Berry Club! This is KKPK's sister and from DAR! Mizan publisher too. Some KKPK's writer writing on this series too like Sri Izzati, Dienda Sarteka, Medina Savira, Ayunda Nisa Chaira, Sekara Maya, etc. The readers usually children and teenagers. But, this book not telling abou teenagers love. This is abou teenagers life. The first book is Safe Secret Deposit Box by Sri Izzati and Sir Junior by Donna Nadira. And this is somecover  of PBC.

If you love fantasy story like Harry Potter, this series is so match with you. Fantasteen. This series is sister from KKPK and PBC too. Fantasteen just accept fantasy story. The readers usually teenagers. The first book is Kunci Hitam by Ninis. Somecover of this series is ...

Yaaa ,... that somebooks I was recomended. Actually, this is REAL creation from Indonesian children! So, we proud of them. Congratulation for them! Keep writing and make your new creation!

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